Hello and welcome to my world! My name is Annemarie and i am the designer, creator, photographer, wrapper, packer, book keeper.... (you get the idea) at Original Artisan Jewellery Designed by Annemarie.

I create unique and original sterling silver gemstone jewellery as well as copper gemstone jewellery for you to enjoy for many years. Here in the blog section of my website, i will keep you updated with any new designs that i am working on, as well as the creative process i go through in order to bring you my original artisan jewellery.

I have been making jewellery since the birth of my son, which must be 5 years now. Its been an emotional roller coaster to say the least! As a single parent, i work from my spare room which has taken the shape of a fully functional, pretty awesome (even if i do say so myself) work space, which i can access at all times of day and night. (I certainly put some hours in!)

I love having my workshop in the house and don't even mind my son nicking the odd gemstone (he absolutely loves moonstone and labradorite!!) here and there. He's a rock hunter in the making i think, i'll introduce you to him one day soon :) As well as my son, Alfie, i have two cats who love to help (i use the term help, very loosely!) and they keep me company throughout my working day. So thats me.... Pleased to meet you and hopefully see you again soon :)

Bye for now


The sterling silver moonstone ring below was a custom made piece back in 2013.

Kiwi popsicle

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