Materials and Workmanship

With a love for all things magical, I find myself insanely attracted to certain gemstones. With this natural occurring attraction, I create beautiful artisan jewellery from the magical gemstones I collect on my travels. I have a passionate feeling of love  for the warm contrasting tones of antiqued copper, making this a firm favourite of mine. Coming up a close second, i adore the magical moonlight reflections on offer from Sterling Silver. Put this against the intense colours of the stones i favour, you really do have a match made in heaven.


I take a huge amount of pride in my work and infuse love into everything i do. This shines through with the finish of my creations.


With my love and respect for the planet Earth, which offers up so many treasures for us all to enjoy, you will find that your jewellery will come to you, not only beautifully packaged but  also  sourced entirely from  natural and recycled materials.