With no background of anything even remotely artistic, i decided to learn how to make jewellery after the birth of my son. I was completely unprepared for how much time to myself i would have, since all he seemed to do was sleep! As a single mum, at home alone with a sleeping baby, i was bored!


I have absolutely no idea why i chose jewellery as i have never worn anything other than a pair of sleepers in my ears and didn't even own a necklace! I started with a bit of research and found the work of Tracy Smith of Cinnamon Jewellery which really  appealed to me. I think that was the first time i had ever seen jewellery made from copper. I started with basic wrapped loops that i learnt from Abby Hook's Wire Jewellery Masterclass (book) and have never looked back.


Since then my jewellery has evolved with my personality and skill levels, into what is now quite recognisable as my own style. I love wire made from all metals, copper being my favourite to work with. You will find my work is made from Sterling silver, brass, bronze and stainless steel and i absolutely love gemstones of all descriptions!


I have recently started to publish my own tutorials which are currently available to purchase through my Etsy shop. This year i wrote my first tutorial for Making Jewellery magazine and have gone on to write several more. This is definately something i would like to persue in the future as well as workshops and jewellery making courses.


Watch this space!